Go Happy Plate

It’s so funny how now as a mom, I do things that would have never crossed my mind ten years ago. Did I ever think I would text my husband at 2pm saying, “Harper finally used the bathroom!” accompanied by ten clapping-hands emojis? Nope. Did I ever think I could ruin a two year old’s entire day by handing him the wrong sippy cup? Nope. Did I ever think I’d retrace my steps through Wal-Mart searching like a crazy person for a lost shoe or lost pacifier? Nope. Did I ever think I’d obsess over toddler meal ideas and inspiration on Pinterest and hashtags on instagram? Nope.

But here I am. Guilty of all of the above (and loving it)!

If you have a toddler to feed, you know the struggle it can be to make mealtime fun and you understand the need to constantly change it up so that they don’t get bored. I am by no means an expert (and I serve prepackaged mini muffins every now and then just like the next mom) but I share Landon’s meals with hopes that I could give someone else ideas and inspiration just like so many have given me! It’s so fun to try new things and see the smile on his face when he says, “I made a happy pwate Mama!” Yep, he says “pwate” and it’s the cutest thing ever!


These stainless steel plates from Go Happy Plate are so great and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). They are now available on Amazon, which makes them even better (all the praise hands for free two-day shipping with prime, am I right?). You can get the complete set (plate, fork and spoon, and 8oz tumbler) for $32.99 or just the plate, which is sectioned into four compartments for $16.99.


The stainless steel dinnerware for kids featured in this post were provided to me by Go Happy Plate, but as always, all opinions are my own.


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