The Mountains Were Calling…

Grayson went to Philadelphia for a conference earlier this week, so my Mama and I took off to the mountains for a few days. We had the most perfect weather, and although we really didn’t do anything extravagant at all, it was so much fun! We ate picnics for almost every meal, spent time with family who we don’t get to see nearly often enough, and just enjoyed being outside.


Sometimes my heart physically aches because of how much I miss my Baba and Paw, but when we go to the mountains, I know we’re making sweet memories and bringing lots of laughter to their house, which is exactly what they’d want us to do. I don’t talk about it a lot, but I don’t think loss ever gets any easier and I definitely don’t think that “time heals all wounds.” In fact, I think the older my kids get, the more I’ll want my Baba and Paw to share them with and for them to be here for my kids to learn from. But, oh what a promise that we’ll be together again one day. What a day, a glorious day, that will be!


One highlight of the week was going to my great aunt Tootsie’s little farm. It’s a special place that holds some of my most cherished childhood memories and seeing Landon running around with his cousins playing and exploring was just too sweet for words. I’m praying he grows to love these mountains like I always have and grows up knowing the importance of restoration, tradition, and a life built on faith, hard work, and grace. So thankful for these few days and the memories we made!

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