Beach 2019

This year, we spent the week of July 4th at Holden Beach with Grayson’s Mom and Dad. I wasn’t sure how Harper would feel about the beach this year, since she hadn’t been since she was just a little over one month old, but it’s safe to say sand doesn’t bother her one bit. She had the best time ever just exploring and splashing and ya’ll… she’s walking all over the place! She had started taking a few steps on her own just before we left for the beach, but having such a big, wide open space to roam freely really helped her progress quickly and now there’s no stopping her! I never want to forget the way she looked learning to walk on the beach. Those chubby, sandy thighs, wispy hair that the sun has turned almost white, and the way she felt curled up, sleeping on my chest under a beach towel.


Grayson and his Dad took Landon out on a fishing charter one day and although they didn’t catch anything, Landon had the best time and it was definitely a highlight of the trip. I was a little nervous about letting him go out on a boat (not because I didn’t think Gray and his Dad could handle it, but just because I’m a Mama and Mama’s worry about things like that) but I’m so glad I let him go. It really made me think about what fear can keep us from if we aren’t willing to say “yes” to adventure. Now he has the memory of fishing on a boat on the ocean with his Daddy and Papa and that in itself, is such a treasure.


I started reading two books while at the beach and I’m already hooked on both of them. I got to see my friend Andi, since her family was just staying a few blocks over, and Grayson’s aunt Lynn also came down to spend time with us for a couple days, and they both brought me a book! These gals know my heart, needless to say! A Life of Lovely by Annie F. Downs and A Love Letter Life by Audrey and Jeremy Roloff – you should add both of them to your reading list!


We drove to Barefoot Landing one night to eat at a burger place we like called River City Cafe (all the praise hands for their pimento cheese burger!). They have shops, live music, a big playground, and rides, including a beautiful carousel on the water and we always like spending one evening of our trip there. Then, another day, we drove to Southport, ate breakfast at a cute little place called Locals (thanks for the recommendation, Lee!), took the ferry to Fort Fisher and spent the day at the aquarium, which Landon loved.


Although it’s hard to pick a favorite part of a trip like this – and I do have many favorites, like waking up before everyone everyday and sipping coffee on the porch, eating Beaches and Cream ice cream, and sitting down at the water catching minnows with Landon – I think my favorite part was watching Landon and Harper interact with each other. There’s something so sweet and special about the bond that they share, and I can tell it’s only going to get sweeter with time. I can only imagine how much fun they’ll have together next year as they continue to grow and become the best of friends.


Feeling really thankful for these summer memories, some time away by the water, and for the best mother and father in law. We had a great week but as sad as I was to leave, we’re all a little glad to be home. Looking forward to a busy week of Vacation Bible School and then it’ll almost be time for football season (and that’s when the real crazy starts!).

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