The Beach With Two Toddlers

Well, another beach trip is in the books and it was so much fun! You might remember this post about Landon’s first ever beach trip last summer. This year, we went back to Morehead City again with our friends, Kayla and Jeremy, and their little boy, Berkley. Berkley is almost two years old, and Landon turned 13 months while we were there. Looking back at the pictures from last year’s trip makes me want to cry because our boys were so little! Babies don’t keep, ya’ll.

This year, Kayla and I went down on Monday and Gray and Jeremy came down later in the week. We stayed at her aunt’s house, cooked almost every meal, packed picnic lunches, and had so much fun watching our boys play together. I was surprised at how restful the week was, even with two toddlers!

I was afraid that Landon would hate the sand but he had the time of his life! He played with sand toys and had a great time at the pool. He took naps and ate peanut butter sandwiches on the beach. We took a little blow up pool for the boys to play in, and that helped too. Every stage is so sweet, so even though it hurts my Mama heart for him to be getting so big, I love watching his little personality!


We are so thankful for our friends and a great week at the beach!

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