Landon’s First Beach Trip

Last weekend, we went to the beach with some of our dearest friends and had an absolute blast! We were a little nervous about how things would go with the four of us, two babies, and four dogs… but it was unbelievably smooth and I’m so glad we didn’t let being worried about the details keep us from having a great time.

When you travel with other people who have kids, they get it. Oh, you have to stop to feed the baby? No big deal. Oh, the only way you can eat peacefully is to let your baby bang a spoon on the table? Go for it. Oh, you need to run back to the house because he’s spit up on all six of his outfit changes you brought with you? It’s okay.

I met Kayla my freshman year at Appalachian and since then she’s been so much more than a friend to me. She’s been my roommate, my sister, my therapist (haha), my bridesmaid (just as I was for her), and now we are getting to experience the adventure of motherhood together… and it’s just the most fun. We love that our husbands get along so well, too. It’s a friendship to be cherished, for sure.


We stayed in Morehead City and spent the majority of our time at the Bogue Sound, which is under the bridge that leads into Atlantic Beach. The Sound has a small, intimate beach that is just steps from the car, which is so convenient.


The boys kayaked out to the bridge, where they tied up their kayaks and hoisted themselves up onto the big concrete platforms that support the bridge. They had a blast fishing and caught several skates, a puffer fish, some blue, and even a six foot shark!


I, of course, loved laying out and finally getting to catch up with my girlfriend, who I so wish didn’t live 2 hours away. The weather was perfect and we ate good food and had the best time exploring Beaufort, a darling little town about 10 minutes away. We ate shrimp po boys on the waterfront, saw dolphins jumping in the inlet, and even saw the wild horses that Beaufort is famous for across the water!


Kayla and Jeremy’s little boy, Berkley, has blonde curls that wreck my heart and he babbles and toddles around like a champ. He’s a few weeks short of 1 year and I know he and Landon will grow up to the best of friends.


I am so thankful for my sweet husband and his love for travel, good food, spontaneity, and our little family. This life with my two boys is the sweetest adventure. I never want to forget this sweet time spent with friends, touching my boy’s toes to the water for the first time, nursing on the beach, and the sweetest of all: my little boy smiled AT me for the first time on the beach (and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest and run down the beach because I was so excited).


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